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Explanation about the manga, but the anime is over. I’m sorry but…that’s how it ends.

The manga will continue. But there is no actual data. It was said that it would be March, but the problems came. Hoshino-sensei isn’t a healthy person. She gets sick very often. That is the first problem. The second one comes next. The company which is publishing the manga has changed it’s roles, that would mean that they want to change a little bit the story and things like that, but it’s author didn’t agree with that. So, Shonen Jump stopped publishing the new chapters. That happened near the end of March. Hoshino-sensei is now searching for some toher company, which will publish the chapters. Third problem: What about Shonen Jump? Well, since D.Gray-Man had been published by it, Shonen Jump owns almost all the chapters and this isn’t a good thing. There might be some problems later with the other company which is going to publish the manga. That leads us to the fourth problem. Hoshino-sensei is trying her best, legitimately to buy or…take back I should say, her manga from it’s ex-publishing company. For that she needs money and a lot of help from the other mangaka*. And the last, fifth problem. Hoshino-sensei is mangaka. She has other manga. And she has to keep her image as an author and a person, for fuck’s sake! So, it appears, the writer of D.Gray-Man, Hoshino Katsura has to take her story back, has to search for other publisher for her story, has to keep her image as a mangaka, and in the same time she has to be really careful about her health. So,please, don’t be mad at her. She has been working all this time on the new chapters! When she finds a good new publisher, we will see what happens with Allen, Kanda, Lenalee, Lavi, with everyone! And please, wait peacefully! Show respect to the woman, who is trying her best to keep the hope of the fans! Thank you for reading. :)

What the Hell???

Can Someone tell me what the hell is going on with D. Gray Man? Is the author actually going to continue the manga or just make me want to cut a bitch? What about the anime, is that for sure done too? OMFG if this anime doesn’t get finished with an acceptable ending where everything is wrapped up in a non-confusing neat little bow…… there will be hell to pay….. 5:00am not sleeping must know D. Gray Man will continue…..? 


I’m becoming so frustrated with myself lately. Why can I not be an adult?

Why do I become emotionally, mentally & physically drained with even the smallest tasks?

Why can’t I work like every other adult & not have constant break downs? 

Why can’t I seem to get my life together?

I’m so sick of not being able to take core of myself, I want to be able to work & function like an adult. I have a court hearing coming up for disability & while I’m semi excited at the thought of maybe being able to contribute to my own life financially; I find myself becoming more & more frustrated that I even had to go down this road to begin with.

Too much stuff

Being a BPD housewife, I have found myself focusing on organization for the last couple months. I feel like the house is cluttered & that contributes to why it’s always a mess (that and the fact that when I’m in my down moods I can’t keep up on cleaning). So, I just finished organizing my dresser & hope to really get a hang on the situation this week. Maybe it’ll lift me out of the killer crap mood I’ve been in for 3 weeks.

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